How many migrant workers died while going back home during the lockdown Our Modi government has not data available  on that  How many farmers committed suicide     Modi government has no data available on that either How many MSMEs shut down during COVID 19 There is no data on that as well How many healthworkers were on the frontline to save the public, while risking their own lives How many of them died? There is no data available on that as well How many jobs were lost during the COVID19 crisis? The government has no data  There is absolutely no data on any of these things! But, Our government media has the data of what Deepika Padukone wrote in her Whatsapp chats 2 years ago They have this data for sure! "Look at this- right here in this green chat is the name with D This is the name, ladies and gentlemen and let me expand it some more for you This is the Whatsapp chat that is between Deepika Padukone..." Literally conditions are so that there's no trace of important data and  the Whatsapp chat data is being broadcasted on Prime Time news Now, I cannot force the government to release important data, but atleast I can tell you  how you can keep your private data safe This question must have crossed your mind as well- How were these Whatsapp chats leaked? How were they able to access Deepika Padukone's messages?

 Are the messages that you write on Whatsapp safe? Can someone else read them? It is claimed that they are "end to end encrypted" What does that mean? How can they get leaked? And how can you keep them safe and private? I'd like to explain all of this in this video today Come, let us see Let us start right at the basic- the Whatsapp messages that you send are said to be "end to end encrypted" What does that mean? Broadly speaking, encryption means converting any information into a secret code which cannot be deciphered when read literally That is, writing it in a secret language To encrypt it End to end encryption means that if you send a Whatsapp message to your friend Then no one, apart from you and your friend can read the message Obviously, as long as you have not showed your phone to a third person If you keep your phone with yourself and show it to no one else, Then no one, apart from you both can read the message For comparison, SMS is not end to end encrypted When you send an SMS from one phone to another, it goes through a telecom operator Telecoms like Airtel and Jio can access your messages if they so wish to In fact even if the government wants, it is possible for it to access and understand who wrote what and when Similarly, email is also not end to end encrypted Anyone can intercept the emails that you send to someone To intercept means- You do see in movies, that two people are on the phone, talking and a detective is able to hear their phone call and is "intercepting" what they both are talking Similarly, for things that aren't end to end encrypted, it is possible for a third person to intercept and read your email or your message or hear your voice call Let me explain it to you with the help of a real life situation- you will understand better Say, you sent a new credit card to your mother and father You stay in Delhi while they stay in Mumbai. And you did give them the credit card but not the pin Now, how will you convey the pin to your parents? You can make a voice call, but technically a service provider could be hearing your call or a scammer might be hearing your voice call He could intercept your call and find out your pin You could email, but emails too, are not end to end encrypted Anyone can intercept it and find out your pin What would you do in such a situation? There is a very interesting solution to this situation What you can do is send an SMS to your parents There would be nothing in that SMS apart from a number For example, that number could be 37450833 Along with that, send an email to your parents and this email would read that the PIN of your credit card is in the SMS that you sent- the 1st, 5th, 7th and 8th digit in the SMS is the PIN Combine these digits together- that would be your PIN It is a very creative solution because your parents would have to read both your SMS and your email to figure out your PIN Even if someone is intercepting your SMS stealthily, then he would be confused. He would not know that actually the PIN is being sent Similarly, even intercepting the email would not be enough It is necessary to read both the SMS and the email to figure out the PIN So, basically, you did an "encryption" here Your SMS was encrypted The instructions of the method of decryption of that SMS was provided in your email So, imagine your message to be a box and there is a lock on your box. The box has your credit card PIN inside But no one can figure out your credit card PIN simply by looking at the box The lock can be opened by a key That key is the email sent by you The end to end encryption of Whatsapp works in a similar manner When you send a Whatsapp message to your friend, then Whatsapp encrypts that message shuts it in a box and puts a lock on it and the key to that lock is only with your friend in your friend's phone In fact, not even Whatsapp has the key 

So, not even Whatsapp can read your messages if they are end to end encrypted This is the reason why, whenever you open any chat on Whatsapp, there's an option for security where you can see the encryption option Whatsapp shows you the security code Whatsapp basically says that you can compare the security code with your friend And this is the way to match your box with the key to ensure that the right box and key are matched together You can ensure that by matching the security code So, now the question is what are the loopholes that allows a third person to read your messages There are 2-3 loopholes The first is that if someone snatches your phone physically, or your phone gets stolen He can open your phone and access your messages because your phone has been physically stolen In such a case, what can you do to ensure your security and avoid the loophole? Put a passcode on your phone Putting a passcode on your Whatsapp is even better These days you can put in your face ID or touch ID in iPhones You can put in biometric authentication so that another passcode is required to open Whatsapp Even if someone steals your phone, first he should know the passcode of your phone before he can access Whatsapp Another loophole is Whatspp groups For namesake, even Whatsapp groups are end to end encrypted But if a person that you don't want is added, he can read your Whatsapp messages What's even more problematic than that is that invite links of WhatsApp groups can be sent somewhere else Say you make someone else the admin of your Whatsapp group he can invite someone else by sending the invite link and if that invite link is pasted on some non encrypted web site, or sent through SMS or pasted publicly anywhere then anyone can click on the invite link and can join your Whatsapp groups and read the chats of the Whatsapp groups The simple solution to this is to avoid Whatspp groups especially the ones in which you're not an admin Anyone can join the Whatsapp group and read chats through an invite link of the group The third loophole is the backup of your Whatsapp messages group A lot of you would know that there is an option to backup chats in Whatsapp You can keep a backup of all chat history on Google drive or iCloud to access later But most of you would not know that the back up involves the removal of end to end encryption If you keep a backup on, you are keeping your messages at risk that a hacker can hack into them or anyone else can read them A simple solution to avoid this is to keep your backup off Go to settings and keep all the different types of backups off if you want to remain end to end encrypted on Whatsapp This is the exact loophole that is suspected in the case of Deepika Padukone Investigative agencies took her phone and cloned it and forensic experts retrieved the old data of her phone which had Google drive and iCloud backups where Whatsapp chats were saved Some experts believe that to show her chats on TVand conduct primetime shows on it is a strong violation of privacy If the same had happened in a developed country, it would have been illegal But unfortunately in India, no data privacy law exists until now The government had tried to bring a data privacy law that I explained in this video but there were several shortcomings in that attempt as well Recently, the government banned more than 200 Chinese apps like TikTok and PubG because it was alleged that they were misusing your data Although I support this ban, my reason is different and that is- that if the social networks of the rest of the world are not allowed inside China, why should we allow Chinese social media networks in our country until they open up their markets for the others?

 The government claims that TikTok and PubG are stealing our data, while on the other hand The government itself misuses our data and sells them to private companies to earn money for itself The government sold our driving licenses data and earned 60 crore rupees This is the news of last year Isn't it weird? I'd like to tell you more tips to protect your data and your privacy First- keep your phones updated to the latest software because most of the times a loophole is found in a software it is on older versions. Hackers target the older versions because it is easier to look for loopholes there Second- the auto download option on Whatsapp that automatically downloads photos and videos Keep it off. Because if you get a message from an unknown number, say they send you a virus in the Whatsapp message then it gets automatically downloaded and gets saved in the photo gallery and the virus automatically gets downloaded in your phone Also, keep all the apps in your phone because it is easier to look for loopholes in older versions And whenever an app asks for permission to access your photos and contacts, Then do not grant all the permissions Because not all permissions are required all the time If there is an app that does not have anything to do with your photos but it asks for access to all your photos and contacts, then what is the need to grant that? Deny that access. 

This is fairly easy to do in the iPhone If you scroll down, you can see all the permissions that you have granted to the app Another tip is to keep the two factor authentication on in Whatsapp This ensures that whenever you register with your phone number on Whatsapp, In order to do this again, a PIN would be required which Whatsapp will send as an SMS on your phone number and  and will ensure that the correct phone is used to use Whatsapp and that no one else is installing Whatsapp using your phone number  Aside from Whatsapp, another tip is to use apps like Signal In Signal, you can send messages with a time limit Your messages will automatically get deleted after a certain time Those messages would get deleted after a day without getting saved anywhere. Noone would be able to read them ever In general, when you use internet on your phone or computer, then the best and easiest way to protect your privacy is to use a VPN The messages and photos that you send on Whatsapp are encrypted But when you use a VPN, whatever activity you do on the internet is encrypted to the extent that you can even spoof your location You can pretend to be in an entirely different country and accessing internet from there A lot of companies offer their VPN services, but in my opinion, the best VPN is Nord VPN- which I use personally I like the Nord VPN because it is one of the only VPNs to bypass the Chinese firewall restriction Using Nord VPN, you can access Facebook and Twitter whilst in China Furthermore, their headquarters is based in a country where no government is influential With most VPNs, if government demands the data of someone, then that VPN is bound to listen.