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Justice delivered! Proud of you, Yogi ji! Saam(negotiation) , daam(bribe) , dand(punishment) , bhed(divide and rule)! No waste of time. Vikas Dubey was not meant for prosecution #YogiRocks Work in silence, let the trigger make some noise Everybody is a gangster, until the real gangster arrives If you are bad, I am your dad What happened, happened for good The criminal died. There were so many cases against him. Normally, the police would have arrested him, he would have been produced in court, the case would remain pending for years and then he'd be granted bail How would justice be served like this? It's better this way- Instant justice was served. Game over, chapter closed Right? If you think the same, then you're extremely naive Your thinking is very simplistic. 

Think one step ahead I'll tell you what the problem with this type of thinking is further in the video. Let us first talk about what actually happened Vikas Dubey was one of the most wanted criminals in Kanpur. There were more than 60 cases of murder, robbery and kidnapping pending against him and his "exploits" have been talked about for years In 2001, BJP leader Santosh Shukla was murdered He was the then Minister of state in the government of Uttar Pradesh The government in Uttar Pradesh was formed by the BJP then and he (Vikas Dubey) was the prime accused It was alleged that this murder happened within the police station with 15 policemen as eye-witnessses But still, Vikas Dubey managed to escape Therefore, it is alleged that Vikas Dubey had connections within almost all the political parties in Uttar Pradesh BJP, BSP, SP And this is the reason why he managed to escape despite having committed this grave murder A politician from the ruling party was murdered in the police station and yet, the ruling party was unable to do anything back then Last week, on 3rd of July, 8 policemen were killed in Uttar Pradesh and the prime accused was Vikas Dubey again And after 3rd of July, the members of Vikas Dubey's gang were killed in an encounter with the police one after the other Prabhat Mishra, a member of his gang was killed on 9th July The police say that he tried to escape while they were tending to a puncture and so he was killed in an encounter Ranbir Shukla- another member of his gang was killed .

The police say that he was killed in an encounter when he was trying to escape, having stolen a car Amar Dubey was killed similarly in an encounter on 8th July Prior to that, Prakash Pandey and Atul Dubey were killed in an encounter too The same story repeated itself of 10th July with Vikas Dubey He was in police custody The police say that he snatched a gun and tried to run away. And in that process, he was killed in an encounter too This reminds me of a dialogue from the Jolly LLB 2 movie "There are too many co-incidences in your story." A lot of people on social media have alleged that this encounter was faux And some people had already predicted that the police would stage an encounter For example, Rajdeep Sardesai ji tweeted on July 9th that a retired IPS officer had told him "It is unlikely Vikas Dubey will be caught; he and associated will be mostly "encountered"," That he knows that they will be done away with in an encounter because "because there are too many secrets about too many big people" Vikas Dubey knew a lot of secrets that could expose a lot of big people.

Hence, an encounter would be the safest way to save the important politicians and the people in the system This is a question that definitely raises eyebrows- Look at the history of Vikas Dubey He was able to escape since so many years and had so many connections within the political parties. So, there is no doubt that he had important connections with the people already in the system I would not like to pass a judgement on whether the encounter was a real one or faux That would get clarified only after an investigation. but I'd like to point out some things that arouse suspicion The first, as pointed out by Dr. N C Asthana who is a retired police officer, the site where the car overturned, where it was alleged that he was trying to escape, is a flat and straight road and there are open fields around it There was no reason for the car to get overturned. All the doors are shut and it got overturned very "cleanly" Another video has surfaced in which 3 cars are passing by the toll plaza at around 4 pm and in that video, Vikas Dubey was sitting in another car- not in the one that got overturned There is another video of 6:30 in the morning- which is half an hour before the encounter took place You can see in the video that the police is prohibiting the media persons from coming The cars of the media were following the car in which Vikas Dubey was held But the media was stopped some time before the encounter to prevent them from going there Fourth, when the eyewitnesses - the local people that were present where this encounter took place, were questioned whether they saw any accident take place they replied that they did not see any accident take place. All they heard were gunshots The fifth question is- Did the police not place handcuffs on Vikas Dubey? that it was so easy for him to snatch a gun and run away? Did the police employ no security measures that made it extremely easy for the criminals to escape? The police nabs them and they always manage to escape and then an encounter takes place These are the questions that arise As for the people supporting this encounter on grounds that our justice system is anyway faulty, The case would be taken to court and would remain pending for ages. No justice would be served Justice delayed is justice denied So, it was good that this encounter happened I can understand why you are thinking this way I agree that the justice system in our country is terrible.

 It's extremely slow and takes a lot of time to serve justice And very often we see that justice delayed is justice denied But we will have to try and understand the root cause of it here The solution that you are looking for will not be found in encounters They lie in the root causes- which I will address later The problem with encounters is that- say a criminal was "encountered" today, it was right and you all are applauding the police for doing so The police might do even more encounters tomorrow I a streak of more and more encounters, an innocent person will get killed one day Infact, this has already happened Two years ago, in 2018, India Today had conducted an investigation in Uttar Pradesh and had found out that that there is a scheme called "cash for encounters" running The reporters of India Today went undercover as businessmen to the police officers and said that they wanted to get a case of a bank robbery filed against their competitor So they asked the police to nab an innocent man and "encounter" him in order to trap the competitor in a case And some police officers were ready to do this The police were ready to gun down an innocent civilian in an encounter for 8 lakh rupees It is extremely easy to conduct encounters of innocent people for money, promotion or publicity and this is already happening Questions have been raised on so many encounters in Uttar Pradesh that the person encountered was not guilty and that an innocent person was killed Do you remember the case of Vivek Tiwary? That was a similar case- he was an employee of Apple There are more than 800 allegations of fake encounters in Uttar pradesh That is, there are more than 800 cases, where the police probably murdered an innocent person Now, would you want to live in a country like this, where any day, one of your family might be encountered irrespective of whether they have committed a crime or not?

 Any innocent can be killed This is the reason why the people who framed our Constitution, put three pillars in place- Legislative, Executive and Judiciary If only two pillars could carry out all the work, then they would not have made the third one There was no need for the judiciary if everything had to be handled like this There is a need for the judiciary to avoid things that are exactly like this The third pillar is required to avoid fake encounters like these Or else, shut down all the courts. What is the need for them? And make all the judges resign Let the police then decide who should be encountered and who is a  criminal The three pillars that keep each other in check is called a system of checks and balances The entire building would crumble even if just one pillar becomes more powerful I understand that there are problems with the third pillar- but that does not mean that it should be done away with That pillar needs to be made stronger To look for solutions, the root causes need to be addressed first I have discussed about these solutions earlier in a video, if you can recall Let me show it to you again. Look carefully what the solutions are The first root cause- there is a severe lack of police in our country The latest available data, which is from 2017, tells us that there is a vacancy of 30% in our police forces That is, our government has said that there should be 2.8 million police officers in our country But in reality, there are merely 1.9 million of them This means that  30% of the posts are lying vacant What is the government doing? Why are more police officers not being appointed? Due to this, there are only 144 police officers per 1 lakh people in our country In order to maintain a sound law and order system, the United Nation recommends that there should be atleast 222 police officers per 1 lakh people And they are so few in our country The situation is the worst in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal where is ratio this less than a 100 So if there aren't the required number of policemen, how would the affairs of the people be looked after?

 How would there be enough time for all the cases of the people to be registered? There is a second root cause which is quite related to this The existing police officers are extremely overworked The "Policing In India report, 2019" released by the CSDS tells us that on average, a police officer in our country works for 14 hours a day Look at this graph: 24% of the police officers in our country work for 16 hours or more per day Think about it- we work for 8 hours and so many police officers have to work for 16 hours or more On top of that, 50% police officers say that they do not get even a day off in the entire week We get a Saturday and a Sunday and the police officers  do not get even a day off in the entire week How will things work? What effect will this have on their mental health? How will anyone be able to work normally in such conditions? This report also tells us that Nagaland is the sole state in our country where an 8 hour limit has been set for the police officers and is being implemented The next root cause- the police do not even have resources! This report tells us that 1 in 5 police stations don't even have clean toilets The are no drinking water facilities in 10% of the police stations Furthermore, this report tells us that so many police officers aren't even imparted sufficient training to enable them to work their jobs properly I have provided a link to this report in the description, you can read it in detail if you wish to Now some people say that even if the police have done their jobs then the case would go to the court and then the court would set dates after dates and justice would be so grossly delayed for example in the case of Nirbhaya, justice is still pending so what is the use of waiting for a justice like this? Have you ever thought about why this happens? The root cause behind this is that the same problems persist in the judiciary like the ones in the police system There are more than 40% vacancies in our judiciary What is the government doing? And it is not filling these (vacancies) up Do you remember, in 2016, our Chief Justice T.S.Thakur broke down in front of Modiji while delivering a speech? Do you know why he broke down? Because of the same problems He was narrating how a common man's faith in the judiciary has been lost and this is happening because there are a very few number of judges and so many vacancies are not being filled up by the government There is a paucity of judges, cases are piling up and there is no one to solve these cases Hence justice is getting delayed and therefore the people are losing their faith But the government is taking no action Six years ago Modiji had promised that if he becomes the Prime Minister, then he'd set up fast track courts due to which all the cases would be dealt with within an year Nothing of that sort happened Had the fast track courts been set up, then there'd be better chances of justice being served But situations have gone from bad to worse.So much so that the existing courts are also facing shortage of judges Another root cause is that our police have been reduced to mere puppets in the hands of politicians If the police do not dance to the tunes of the politicians, then they would get transferred And this is exactly what happens.

 So many cases like these can be seen In order to put an end to this, the Supreme Court had given seven directives in 2006 as to what changes need to be brought in the police system These directives basically focus on how the police can be made more accountable and how it can be made independent from our government due to which our law and order system will improve Share this video with people who think that an encounter is a good thing so that they are able to understand the importance of rule of law in our country.

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